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iTECH is one of the leading IT solution providers in Syria. With a team of over 70 IT professionals, iTECH offers a wide range of high quality IT services tailored to the needs of the Syrian market and delivered according to international standards. Our main aim in iTECH is to create value for our clients; we build on our knowledge and experience to advice our clients on the best route when it comes to IT investments.

With our geographical presence in all Syrian governorates, iTECH has been able to support its clients


In the past few years, iTECH has strengthened its position as a market leader in providing professional IT services to the niche businesses in Syria. Our clientele list in the Telecom, Banking, Financial, Industrial, Hospitality and other sectors clearly shows our commitment to serve the most critical and demanding business environments. 


iTECH provides modular comprehensive services model that includes IT consultancy, IT outsourcing, application development/integration and managed services.

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Our vision is built towards the future; we believe in the spirit and capabilities of our team and are determined to sustain iTECH growth and reputation as a key player in the Syrian IT sector and beyond.

Our slogan "Do it right... Do it once!" embodies our approach to clients' projects; IT is one of those areas that require a sound foundation to gain desired results. We help our clients build this foundation through providing the guidance and resources needed to make sure that every step is taken with the client's targets in mind.


Vision To be a leading IT services company in a developing Syrian market; recognized by clients as a value-providing strategic partner in their IT investments.

Mission We aim to realize our vision by helping customers achieve their business goals through offering state of the art IT solutions, putting together a top-tier professional team, and building on quality as a cornerstone in all our projects.
iTECH believes in, and aims to contribute to, the development of the Syrian IT sector through increasing clients' awareness of the value that can be gained from cutting-edge information technologies.

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iTECH is a provider of knowledge; hence, the skills and capabilities of its staff come as iTECH's core asset and the source of its competitive advantage in the market. The following is a sample of the technical certifications that our team holds to meet clients’ demanding requirements.


The following list summarizes professional certificates our staff has:









Our values are our cornerstones; iTECH is built with them in mind. We work tirelessly to make sure these values are converted from papers to actual

Customer Focus:
  Our customers are our partners; we look at their success as equivalent to ours.
  When working in a demanding domain such as IT, people Passion for their job becomes crucial to delivering results. Passion is a quality we look for in people we hire and we work toward making it part of our culture.

with the target of presenting the best possible solutions to clients, we believe in innovation as a major part of iTECH's identity.


Our access to clients' most secure and critical data requires

a culture of trust to rule the relationship between iTECH

and its customers.

Therefore, we place the confidentiality of our work as

a top priority for all of our staff members.


We believe in maintaining our high quality of

services over time and across various
































IT Consultancy  
IT OutSourcing Corporate
IT Strategy
Application Development  
Managed Services IT Project


Our Services

IT Consultancy
- Network Engineering.
- Systems Engineering.
- Data Centers Designs.
- Corporate Security.

IT OutSourcing
- Desktop Support Management.
- Infrastructure Outsourcing.
- Data Center Operations.

Application Development - iTECH works closely with its customers on the development...


Managed Services
- The feasibility of any project depends considerably on the start-up costs associated with it....

IT Project Managment
- IT arena is known for its high percentage of failed projects...


Coporate IT Strategy
- Map your IT strategy to their business strategy...









You will never be on your own when you are with us…


iTECH looks at the quality of support provided to our clients as a top priority. You can depend on our staff to effectively respond to your requests through standardized service methodology.


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